Sunday, 27 March 2011

Space 1949

A number of people seem to have found that material that we put up on the blogsite earlier in the month rather interesting - especially the Space 1949 material. A few of you have been kind enough to e-mail about it and ask when it will be out and what it is about. There will be more posted about it shortly - certainly more comic art which is properly lettered and maybe a page or two of background and script. However, just to when your appetite here's a little bit about the background
Space 1949 is set in another reality - although one not so different that we couldn't recognise it. As the title says it's set in 1949 but it's in a world where Near Space has been conquered in the late 19th century and men have walked on the moon before 1900. Neither World War I or World War II have taken place and this world is largely dominated by Germany and Britain. America, seriously fractured politically, is only starting to emerge as a world power as is Russia which is still ruled by a Tsar as the two superpowers go into decline. The main threat to world peace is the PSRA, the People's Socialist Republic of Australia, which operates a space programme of its own based at Woomera in the Great Australian Desert and from bases in occupied New Zealand. Trade between the Moon and the German scientific colonies on Mars is controlled by the TTA, the Terran Trade Authority, a quasi-political organisation, in which Britain and Germany are the main stakeholders but in 1949 that too is going into decline. The first strip - The Petrified Man - is about this world's first encounter with an alien lifeform although it's not the type of life that you might expect and may have severe consequences for the entire human race. Well, that's the background and I hope it's whetted your appetite. My thanks to all those who have asked about it. Off to watch some football but we'll have a look at Doc Lazarus, Joachim Darke and maybe even the Wraith very soon. Do get in contact with me if you're interested in Space 1949 or any of the other projects. More later.....

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  1. Hi Bob. Are you the same Bob Curran who wrote a strip called "Scavenger" in the Belfast small press comic Ximoc in the early 80s? If so, I'm glad to see you're back in the game!

    There's quite a flourishing little small press/self-publishing comics scene in Ireland at the moment, which I'm part of myself. Are you planning to go to the 2D Comics Festival in Derry in June? It's in your neck of the woods, it's free, and it's great for meeting other comic creators - I thought I was the only one until I stumbled on it a few years ago.

    You might also like to check out the Irish Comics Wiki, for which I've written you a little bio.