Saturday, 19 March 2011

Comix are on Their Way

Well, the first posting of the comics are now up. These are simply "tasters" - to let you know what's available at the moment from Bog Standard Comix and Fool Moon Press. We've printed the cover and some panels from David Dale's "Joachim Darke" which deals with a strange, 17th century English witch-hunter during the reign of Charles II. David is a big H.P. Lovecraft fan - I hope he won't mind me telling you that - so expect some HPL touches in the stories. We've planned and scripted a series - one set in England and an earlier one set in Ireland <"The Spaniard's Bell"> which brings the brooding Darke into contact with something from outside reality - oh and there might be zombies too! This is way beyond Solomon Kane! The other panels asre from "Space 1949 - The Petrified Man" which is done by Adrian Lutton - who worked on a Rogue Trooper story for 2000ad many years ago - and deals with an alternative reality not all that far removed from our own but different enough to make it interesting. One of the differences is that we're already in space. And what life is out there is very different from what we can imagine - and deadly though not in the way that you might imagine. The third strip is from Doc Lazarus - a time-traveller who's a bit different from your standard Dr. Who. Can he protect the past from the terrors of the future? That's all I'm going to say. So things are open for business and we will posting new stuff on the blog in the coming month. Anyone can have their say or ask a question and I'll do my best to answer. There are much more strips and lots more ideas which we think are new and exciting. As I was saying in my last post, a number of us feel that the Marvel, DC dominated market has gone sort of flat at the moment with little of any real interesty - it's all very samey. See what you think anyway and I'll keep you all posted. I'm off to grab a bite to eat now but keep watching as we keep posting. You might see something that you like! Let us know anyway. Bob

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