Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hal McLean

I know! I know! I promised that I'd keep up to date with some of these blogs and do them a bit more fequently but things have just been pressing all month. I have a couple of new books out and I've been truly snowed under with requests for interviews. And the time difference is getting to me - living in Northern Ireland means that you have to be up at all hours of the morning to do interviews in America. There have been a couple of nights that I've been doing so many it's hardly worth my while going to bed so I sat up. And that doesn't make for pleasant going the next day I can tell you! However, I'm still able to write and I think that the new comic Dark Matter in which I have a section is coming out at the end of this month. I have to check with David Lloyd but I've really been so busy that I haven't had time to do it yet. And I've been approached by a comic artist in Poland to do some stuff. Very small time but I seem to be easing back into the world of comics. I had planned to meet with Adrian at the beginning of the month and see where we could take Fool Moon Publications from here but he was sick and the meeting's been deferred to the end of the moth. The 25th. I think that the route that we'll be going down is digital. As I said in my last couple of blogs, I think that comics as we knew them are finished. Particularly as you can now download all sorts of comics onto an iPad for about half the price. Some people have said that the quality isn't as great through and that you can't move back and forth in an iComic with the same freedom. I'm such a dinosaur that it'll take me a while to get used to this. I still like the paper comics where I can scoot about back and forth but digitial looks the way things are going and I'm always willing to learn. It's a pity that all the comics I grew up with are moving on but there it is. I was on a train the other day and spotted somebody reading comics on their iPad - it didn't look right but then who am I to judge? A lot of you have been liking 1949 and Hal McLean and would like to see more. I'd like to give you more believe me - I have lots of ideas - but it's trying to find a way in. They say that there's big plans for Northern Ireland to become the creative centre for the British Isles but I can't see that happening anyway soon. Things move with a glacial slowness here, so we'll see. I was talking to Adrian on the phone today and we're trying to put up more pages of Darke for you - I still think that Savid is excellent in black and white. He hasn't been too well either, a lot of old things going round. But we'll try and get them up. I know I've been promising but we will. Anyway, that's where things stand. off to get a bite to eat before I do another interview. Is this the life of a star? I don't think so!

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