Saturday, 21 May 2011

Joachim Darke Again

The next taster section of Joachim Darke is already up on this blogsite and it has created a bit of a stir. I've had people contacting me saying how good it is and Adrian is receiving comments around work saying that they want to see more. Some people have been kind enought to compare some of the artwork to a better sort of Adam Eterno who used to appear in Lion and others have compared it to the old black and white Creepy and Eerie which David says is a great compliment. It's good for me too as scripter because a lot of the old Warren magazines were my favourites and as I'm sitting here writing this I have all the Dark Horse archives on the shelf in front of me. Have a look and see what you think. I've talked to David and he has more but we'll not be putting them up for another week as Adrian and I are both away from our machines. However, keep watching as there may be something there. We're also almost certainly going to the Comics Convention in Derry, so if you're there we'll maybe see you. We're talking about puttinga couple more up before we make the conference but we'll see. It would be nice to get Doc Lazarus up and let you see that as well. But time isn't on our side - the convention is only a couple of weeks away. But I hope that you continue to enjoy Joachim Darke - I've even had an e-mail from somebody in Darke County, Ohio asking about it - now isn't that spooky? I'll try to keep you informed as to how things are going in about a week's time. Keep reading!

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