Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sound Only Selected

Well, the first of the strips is now up on the web and my thanks to Adrian for helping me load them up. This is Space 1949, et in a slightly alternative Universe where man had landed on the moon at the end of the 19th century and lunar bases - and a scientific base on Mars - have been established. The strip is not professionally lettered as yet but we wanted to get something up there and let you see what we're about and get a flavour for the strip. What will McLean find on the drifting ship and what has landed on the island off the Irish coast? What hand does the Government have in all this and what are the contents of the mysterious Saturn Package? Oh and what is the Gorgon Stone? This is a strip about near space exploration, political intrigue, the secret service all set in an alternative . Let us know what you think about it. We're trying to guage the reaction to this. As yet the comic isn't published but we're moving in that direction hopefully and your response will help us. We're also looking at putting up some of David Dale's work on Joachim Darke the 17th century witch finder as he fights the forces of darkness, and his own inner demons, during the English Restoration. So continue to watch the blog - we think it's interesting and a bit different from the usual run of the mill but then we're biassed. Do you? Let us know what you think. Talk some more soon.

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